The National Overview for Marine Spatial Planning and Knowledge Baseline for Namibia report (Current Status Report) is developed to provide both a national overview and the knowledge base for planning the central Namibian marine area  based on the best available data, information and evidence, compiled and analysed by the MSP-NWG together with technical experts and validated by stakeholders.
The MSP-NWG has developed Current Status Report and presented it at the multi sector stakeholder workshop held in the 19th April 2018, in Swakopmund.

The workshop objectives were as follow:

  • Provide an overview of the Namibian MSP process and present the progress to-date;
  • Present and invite stakeholder views on the data and information collated and analysed so far; and
  • Provide an opportunity for stakeholders to highlight any additional gaps or issues to help inform the coming planning steps.

In total 89 participants attended the workshop, including the NWG and the MARISMA project. Invitations were sent to over 100 stakeholders across all marine sectors to represent civil society groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industries (companies and associations) as well as government/statutory agencies (local authorities, regional councils, state-owned enterprises, and ministries). From these three stakeholder groups, the following number of participants participated: 16 from civil society groups and NGOs, 25 from industry, and 48 from a wide range of government/statutory agencies.  Three groups were representing 10 different sectors including conservation, fisheries, mariculture, transport and ports, tourism, mining, heritage, wastewater disposal, environmental protection and defence..