• Developing and maintaining the Ministry's computer system, architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers in MFMR.
  • Ensures that employees have full access to the computer systems.
  • Creating new programs specific to MFMR needs. Creates programs that helps manage our natural resources (FIMS) and also process work orders on any task the organization needs accomplished.
  • Creates and maintains Ministry's website (www.mfmr.gov.na).
  • Provides support to computer users installing new software, repairing hardware problems, installing new hardware, troubleshooting problems and training employees how to use new software programs and also to assist employees with computer-related issues.
  • Installing and setting up the computer network in an organization and ensuring that the network is operating properly and that all employees have the ability to communicate through the internet and MFMR intranet.
Deputy Director: Information Technology
Mr. Tenna Nghipandulwa
Deputy Director: Tel +264-61-205 3017