Directorate: Resources Management - MFMR

      National Marine Information and

      Research Center

        Fisheries' Research Vessel



The Directorate is mandated to conduct research to determine the status of  the stocks and providing scientific advice on the sustainable management of Namibia's marine ecosystem and promoting public awareness.

Division: Research Management

We Will:

  • Collect and analyze data on the living marine resources continuously;

  • Recommend appropriate annual harvest levels to management and the Marine Resources Advisory Council for all the commercially important living marine resources;

  • Participate and provide necessary information at relevant regional and international fora annually; and

  • Provide marine resources related data within a month from the date of receipt of request.

Division: Applied Research

We will:

  • Collect and analyze data on the marine ecosystem continuously;

  • Provide advice on suitable measures for the conservation of the marine environment on annual basis;

  • Continuously promote public awareness on Namibia's marine ecosystem;

  • Provide environmental data within a month from the date of receipt of request;

  • Provide advice to management on the potential environmental impacts of industrial activities on the marine environment within three weeks upon request;

  • Participate in schemes to prevent and/or clean up oil spills and assess the impact on the ecosystem, when the need arises; and

  • Facilitate the issuance of recreational fishing permits within fifteen (15) minutes upon receipt of a comprehensive application.


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Director: Resources Management

Ms. Graca D'Almeida
 Deputy Director: Research Management
Mr. Titus Iilende
Deputy Director: Applied Research

Mr. Chris Bartholomae
The Director: Tel +264-61-205 3015