Directorate: Operations - MFMR

Fisheries' Patrol Vessel


MFMR's Joint Patrol with NAMPOL and Ocean Warriors



The Directorate is mandated to protect the living aquatic resources and regulating fishing activities within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and public inland water bodies.

Division: Technical Services

We Will:

  • Ensure that Ministry's patrol and research craft comply with national and International Maritime and Aviation legislations;
  • Avail patrol craft to participate in oil pollution, search and rescue operations upon request by competent authority and in accordance with national and international obligations;
  • Ensure that patrol, research craft, seafarers and air crew certificates are renewed timeously;
  • Avail fisheries patrol and research craft to conduct sea surveillance and surveys in accordance with annual Plan;
  • Provide technical advice on fisheries patrol and research craft at all times when required;
  • Facilitate statutory training for seafarers and air crew; and
  • Continuously manage and oversee the maintenance activities of fisheries patrol and research craft.
Division: Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

We Will:

  • Ensure compliance with fisheries legislations within EEZ, along the coast and inland water bodies;
  • Deploy fisheries inspectors on board patrol craft to conduct sea and aerial surveillance;
  • Ensure that sea patrol, inspections and catch control are conducted periodically in line with annual plan
  • Ensure that FAO Agreement on Port State Measures, and National Plan of Action against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (NPOF-IUU) are implemented and enforced
  • Monitoring and enforcement of fisheries legislations at all landing sites and fish factories;
  • Ensure that coastal and rivers patrols are conducted;
  • Provide Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data of a specific fishing vessel to the right holder;
  • Collect and provide accurate landing data on a monthly basis to the Directorate PPE; and
  • Issue recreational fishing permits within fifteen in accordance with fisheries legislations
  • Erect sign board, distribute pamphlets, and publish information through electronic and printed media to create awareness on fisheries legislations;
  • Ensure training of fisheries inspectors in fisheries management and fisheries legislations;


 Below are regulations governing harvesting of marine resources:


Fishing for Recreational Purposes Rules
Permit Required for Recreational Fishing
Vessels Monitoring Regulations
Inland Fisheries Act
Exploitation of Marine Resources Regulations
Director: Operations

Mr. Hafeni Mungungu
Deputy Director: Technical Services

Mr. Steven Ambabi
Deputy Director: Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

Mr. Beau Tjizoo
The Director: Tel +264-61-205 3116